Remote Interpreting

Did you know that besides the classic consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, GORR also offers remote interpreting?

Did you know that besides the classic consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, GORR also offers remote interpreting? Are you wondering how it works? Here are some details. 

Remote interpreting is not performed on location, but via the Internet. It has gained momentum especially in the recent period of uncertainty, and the extremely fast and constant development of new technologies has certainly also contributed to its growth. 

What tools is remote interpreting performed in? 

Remote interpreting is performed in different online tools, including Zoom, Skype, Webex and Microsoft Teams. 

How exactly does it work? 

It is quite simple. You simply invite an interpreter among the other participants to your online meeting, conference, or event. The participants only have to log in to the selected online tool, put on their headset and select their language channel. 

What do you need to do before hosting an online event with an interpreter 

It is always recommended that you send the material to the interpreter in advance, or at least let them know about the topic and agenda of the meeting. Especially if the topic is specialised, the interpreter will be grateful for the material, as they will be able to prepare for their job. It is also recommended that you test the online environment before the event to make sure everything is working the way it should. It is therefore a good idea to meet online with the interpreter before the event and test the equipment and the course of the event. 

What are the advantages of remote interpreting? 

Remote interpreting has certain advantages, which include lower costs, as the client does not have to pay for the interpreter’s travel and accommodation costs. The cost of interpretation equipment, such as booths and headphones, and the cost of a technician on location who ensures a smooth process are also eliminated. Remote interpreting is also more environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need to travel to the location. Another advantage is that you can choose from a larger pool of interpreters and thus really choose the most suitable interpreter for you, as you are not bound by location. The implementation time is also faster, since, as already mentioned, the organisation of travel and accommodation for the interpreter is not required. 

What about the disadvantages? 

Of course, an online event cannot be compared to a live event. We can probably all agree that a lot is lost when meeting online, if nothing else, genuine human contact. Possible technical problems that could hinder a smooth implementation must also be considered. The environment should however not affect the quality of the translation itself. A good and experienced interpreter does well in any environment. 

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