CEO of GORR at the LocWorld Programme Committee

Our CEO, Gregor Rosulnik, has joined some of the largest companies from all over the world.

Our CEO, Gregor Rosulnik, has joined some of the largest companies from all over the world, such as IKEA, Cisco, Adobe, and Skyscanner, to shape up the programme for the largest conference in our industry named LocWorld.

What exactly is LocWorld and why is it so important for GORR to actively participate in these gatherings? The international conference LocWorld is a meeting place for the largest buyers of the translation and localization services, such as Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, and providers of translation, localization, interpretation, and other linked services. Three times per year, they meet, learn and openly share knowledge and experience. Experts from different fields describe their everyday challenges and solutions that were successfully implemented into the processes of their companies, buyers, and other interested parties.

At these events, we learn about some very successful practices that enable GORR to develop very quickly in terms of technical support, so we can provide our customers with a continued set of high-quality services.

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This is a great honour for us and we do not take it for granted. We take full responsibility when preparing a high-quality programme that will enable progress for each and every one of us as well as society in general.

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